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In Northern Colorado, the cleanest carpets and tiles were cleaned by Ace Chem-Dry.

With a superior cleaning solution and advanced cleaning techniques, Ace Chem-Dry will get your carpets and floors cleaner than you thought possible. Chem-Dry® is Drier. Cleaner. Healthier.®

David and Linda

It’s been over 15 years that Ace Chem-Dry has serviced our carpets.  Superior cleaning and care is given every time they are cleaned, no matter what spots, grime, and dog spots had been on them.

Independently owned and operated, we’ve been serving Colorado’s entire Front Range for years. We’re family owned – and family-centric! Our service area includes Fort Collins, Greeley, Johnstown and surrounding areas.

What makes Ace Chem-Dry Different?

When it comes to cleaning carpets, Ace Chem-Dry has been leading the pack for 30 years. It’s because we have a better method than the competition. It’s effective, it’s fast drying, and it’s environmentally friendly. It’s called Hot Carbonating Extraction™. Add to that our friendly, community-focused attitude, our commitment to customer service and our industry-leading guarantee, and you begin to see why everyone wants us to be cleaning their carpets.

Our Trusted Services:

  • Deep Carpet Cleaning
  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Area/Oriental Rug Cleaning
  • Tile Cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Car Cleaning
  • Business/Commercial Cleaning

  • Advanced cleaning methods
  • Reputation for great customer service
  • Green, all-natural cleaning solutions

Hot Carbonating Extraction™

As professional carpet cleaners, we don’t just make your carpets look clean—we extract the dirt, allergens, and other contaminants from deep in your carpet using our specially formulated Hot Carbonating Extraction™.

Copied straight from Mother Nature, our product The Natural® sinks deep in your carpet and generates CO2 which enables millions of tiny, effervescent bubbles to push dirt up to the surface where it is then wiped away. The Natural® is safe, non-toxic, and Green Certified. Carbonation enables us to get into every nook and cranny; every corner of your carpet to clean away whatever is there.

Why Carpet Cleaning Is So Important

Our Commitment to the Environment

Cleaning your carpet shouldn’t make the environment dirty! We use 100% natural solutions to get dirt and dust out from the depths of your carpet. And we don’t harm your family or the environment with nasty chemicals. That’s the difference with Ace Chem-Dry.

You clean your kitchen sink and your shower. You clean your clothes and your sheets. But too often it’s easy to overlook cleaning your carpets. And yet, regular carpet cleaning is vital to prolonging the life of your carpet and preventing buildup of harmful allergens, dust, and mildew in your house – and in your body!

Ace Chem-Dry will penetrate deeply into your carpet to remove everything that gets lodged in there. You’ll see the difference, and your carpet will last because of it. We can also give you instructions and recommendations for regular maintenance on your own.

Contact Ace Chem-Dry today and we’ll be cleaning your carpets as soon as possible!

Water Restoration With Ace Chem-Dry

Water damage from a leaky pipe or a surprise rainstorm can wreak havoc on your home. Carpets, rugs, and upholstered furniture often meet the worst fate. If carpets and other fabrics are not dried immediately, they usually have to be thrown out.

Ace Chem-Dry can help. We have the experience, equipment and techniques to quickly dry and restore your carpets after a water problem. Don’t let flooding ruin all your carpets and rugs. Call us anytime and we’ll be over as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

Contact Ace Chem-Dry today for water restoration service.

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