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As you go about your daily life, do you ever stop and think about how dirty some of the items you frequently touch could be?


It’s not very fun to realize how germ-infested many common household items are—like upholsteryand carpet. Thankfully, there are also effective solutions for keeping these danger zones under control. Keep reading to learn more.


The Top 10 Germiest Items


The list could go on forever, but we are just going to take a look at some of the most common items.



Did you know that the average dollar bill touches around 14,000 sets of hands in its lifetime? And did you know that only 66% of Americans wash their hands after using the restroom?  Yep, cash can be a significant carrier of bacteria, pathogens, and even contain traces of harmful drugs.

Many of us don’t carry a whole lot of cash anymore. However, when you do, it’s a good idea to sanitize your hands after each transaction.



Think about how many hands touch a shopping cart each day—plus all the different foods they’re exposed to.

Take the time to stop by the hand sanitizer and cleaning wipes conveniently located at the front of most grocery stores and kill as many germs as possible.



Your family and pets probably spend the most time hanging out on your big comfy couch compared to anywhere else in the home. Yet, this is one of the areas that is often overlooked when cleaning.

In fact, the average couch is filled with bacteria, allergens, and food particles. Hate to tell you, but even traces of urine and feces are commonly found. Luckily, Ace Chem-Dry can help with professional upholstery cleaning in Greeley.



The tiny crevices in computer keyboards are often homes to yeast, mold, and bacteria. Simply sanitizing your computer keys regularly can make a significant difference.



That little device you constantly hold in your hand likely contains 10 times more germs than a public restroom toilet seat. Ew.

Most people hardly ever put their phones down—even to use the bathroom. That’s why most phones are covered with bacteria that can cause infections, pneumonia, food poisoning, and more.



A recent study found that kitchen sponges contain about 10 million bacteria per square inch—or 200,000 more than the average toilet seat!

Dish towels are also a danger zone for bacteria. This study found that towels can actually be the most E Coli and Salmonella-infected surface in the kitchen.

But it doesn’t stop there. The kitchen sink, including the handles and faucet, is also often crawling with bacteria. A recent study found that almost half of kitchen sinks contain coliform bacteria—a family of bacteria that includes Salmonella and E Coli.

Since kitchen surfaces are so frequently in contact with raw food and germs, they should be sanitized daily to help keep your family safe.



Daily traffic exposes your carpet to spills, stains, bacteria, allergens, dirt, pet hair, bugs, pet urine, and even trace amounts of feces. However, when you take advantage of Chem-Dry carpet cleaning in Northern Coloradoallergens and airborne bacteria can be eliminated.



The next time you sit down to binge your favorite Netflix series, consider what could be consuming your remote. Hotel room remotes are even worse and contain more than 13 times the maximum acceptable level of bacteria per cubic center allowed in hospitals.



Moist areas like toothbrushes are ideal breeding grounds for bacteria that can cause illnesses including meningitis. Plus, everything within a 6-foot radius of the toilet can be contaminated with bacteria when the toilet is flushed.



We often reach for the fridge handle without thinking about what’s on our hands—like after handling raw meat. When cleaning your kitchen, don’t neglect sanitizing your fridge handle because harmful germs are commonly transferred there.



Carpet And Upholstery Cleaning In Greeley and Loveland


The most effective way to combat these germ-infested areas is to be mindful about cleaning and sanitizing them regularly. And washing your hands regularly!


Professional services can really help too—like Chem-Dry carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning. In fact, Chem-Dry removes 98% of allergens from carpet and upholstery and 89% of airborne bacteria from your home.


We’re committed to making homes throughout Greeley, Loveland, and Fort Collins, Colorado cleaner, safer, and healthier.


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