Kay A.

We have been using Ace Chem-Dry carpet cleaners for many years.  We have always been satisfied with their work and we like that it is a “family” who takes care of our carpets for us.

Laurie & Bob B.

It is a pleasure to write a few words about Marc and Teri Baldwin’s ownership of our local Ace Chem-Dry franchise.  Marc and his sons are the kind of people that you would want in your home.  They are professional and friendly; exactly the right combination for making them feel like friends as well as being valued service providers.  They have a terrific product to offer and have helped us to maintain the original white carpet in our home of 13 years.  Additionally, the Chem-Dry spot remover is a little miracle in a can for those “pet Moments” that need instant attention.  We always keep a couple of cans on hand.  No matter how many other carpet cleaning companies may call us about their “specials”, we only do business with Ace Chem-Dry.

Cathy M.

I am writing this letter of behalf of services I have received from “Ace Chem-Dry, Marc the Englishman”.  Marc has been cleaning my house and some of my rental properties for over 18 years now and his professionalism, promptness and service have always been incredible.  He has performed some major miracles at my house as I have always had Great Pyrennees dogs and to have a carpet cleaner not know how to do their very best would not have worked out for my household.  He has also been able to advise me on the better carpets to purchase for my rentals.  I could not be happier with Marc and I hope he is in this business for a long time to come.  Thank you very much Marc for all you do!

Paul D.

Professional and congenial, the kind of person I would hire for my business.

Jill C.

Very Informative!

Kay L.

We have a family room that gets a great deal of traffic and therefore was terribly soiled.  Marc took extra care and time to clean it for us.  We are very pleased and will call them again.  We have used several other carpet cleaners in the past, our carpets have never looked this good.

Kurt & Kathleen W.

Fantastic job!  The carpet looks like new!  You are very friendly & professional and answered all our questions.  After 10 years of not cleaning our carpet you have renewed it back to original!  Thank you so much!

David and Linda

It’s been over 15 years that Ace Chem-Dry has serviced our carpets.  Superior cleaning and care is given every time they are cleaned, no matter what spots, grime, and dog spots had been on them.  It’s always amazing to see the results!  Carpets are dry in such little time as well 1 to 2 hours!  Friendliness and dependability are #1.  You can’t get better than that!

Elizabeth G.

I was more than a little apprehensive about having Ace Chem-Dry clean my very expensive oriental rug, but I’m glad I went ahead and had Marc do it.  He explained the process to me and then tested it for colorfastness.  It turned our great and it was much less expensive than having it cleaned by the traditional immersion method. A job well done has always been my experience with Ace Chem-Dry.  It Starts with Teri in the office who is pleasant, knowledgeable and accommodating.  When Marc comes to the house to do the actual cleaning he takes the time to explain all the processes and products.  He is a perfectionist with a great eye for detail- a definite plus in this business. Ace Chem-Dry is the absolute best – I will never use another carpet/upholstery cleaning service.

Janet C.

He arrived right on time and did a great job, thank you!

Laurie M.

I bought this modern house on the north end of Fort Collins 4 years ago.  Though I have a cleaning crew work every Friday, and I see them on their hands and knees mopping the copious tile, its clearly never been thoroughly scrubbed.  Today it was.  Oh my goodness, that is some spic and span tile!  Now when I spill something and wipe it up with a bounty towel, there is no residual dirt on the paper.  It’s as if there hasn’t been a spec of dirt on the tile, EVER.  Its had the dirt sucked right out of it.  I feel at home in my house now.  Thank you Marc!

Kerri R.

Besides the quality cleaning results, the other thing that I like best about Ace Chem-Dry is that the owner of the company does the job himself.  I know he’s more invested in quality service than anyone else in the business.  Our high traffic and damaged areas look amazingly new after cleaning.  Only Ace Chem-Dry gets these kinds of results & that’s why I use them exclusively.  With 2 kids & 2 dogs our small living area takes a lot of abuse.  Ace Chem-Dry has always done such a great job bringing it back to life that I refuse to use anyone else.

Sylvia L.

They were on time and completed the carpet on contract.

Lynn S.

We moved to Fort Collins in 1996, and before we moved into our house, we hired Ace Chem-Dry to clean our carpets – and we have never looked back!  While in that house, Marc always cleaned our carpets perfectly, even when the carpet had well-worn paths of dirt from our growing and active family.  He even came out after a hysterical phone call from me when my five-year-old son decided to empty a bottle of black India ink on the mauve carpeting.  I’m not sure how he removed black ink from the carpet completely, but he did.  Now in our second Fort Collins house, we always call on Marc to clean our white carpeting.  Our most recent disaster involved an over-turned gallon of green paint – this time by our 18-year-old son about to paint the bathroom.  Once again, he completely removed all signs of green paint from a white carpet; there isn’t a trace of it!