Benefits of Nylon Carpet

vacuum nylon carpet

Carpet is usually made out of either natural fiber (wool being the most popular), or out of synthetic fiber, like nylon or polyester. And since about 65% of the overall carpet sales in the United States are taken up by nylon carpets, it is important to be knowledgeable about their benefits before deciding on your final purchase.

First of all, starting off with the most notable benefit of nylon carpets: durability. Nylon carpets are considered to be the most durable in the market compared to any other fiber. Thanks to their resilience – basically the ability to bounce back after being crushed or bent. This is why nylon carpets are able to serve you for about a decade or more, which makes it great if you have small children or pets or heavy traffic areas in your home.

Next off, another great quality of nylon carpets is their versatility: they come in many different colors and designs, which will make it easier for you to find the perfect match for your house.

Nylon carpets are also much easier to clean compared to other fibers. You will be able to schedule carpet cleaning just once each year with nylon. They are also the most stain-resistant carpets, which makes them the ideal option if you have kids or pets, or if you are generally a messy person. They also maintain their texture very well and resist fading, hence keeping a great shape and color for a longer period of time.

Next characteristic might be a little unexpected, but nylon carpets can be considered eco-friendly, too. With a lot of effort being put into improving the eco-friendliness of nylon, most nylon carpets can now be recycled after long usage. Moreover, most nylon carpets are already made out of recycled materials. So if you are trying your best to be environmentally friendly, maybe you should from your carpet? Nevertheless, not all carpets have this characteristic. So make sure to read the label carefully and talk to the salesperson in advance.

With softness being the main reason of why people choose carpets over hardwood flooring, we can move on to the next important quality of nylon carpets: softness. Although natural carpets, especially wool carpets are considered to be the softest due to being an animal fiber, synthetic carpets have improved drastically over time. Since synthetic fibers are now being produced in thinner strands, resulting in a much softer result. However, unfortunately, wool’s softness has not yet been achieved with any synthetic fiber.

Lastly, nylon carpets are very affordable. Although they are the most expensive amongst synthetic carpets, they definitely ensure the highest with quality much smaller of a budget compared to wool. So you can make your decision based on your own budget and needs, as well as design preferences. Good luck!

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