Benefits of Wool Carpet

vacuum wool carpet

It is no surprise that wool is the most popular natural fiber for carpet manufacturing: it is soft, luxurious and traditional. Most carpets are made out of wool from either Britain or New Zealand. British wool is a bit bulkier and tougher, which gives it a nice texture. At the same time, wool from New Zealand is a lot softer and lighter, which makes it more suitable for lighter colors. Both of these types of wool are very strong, which eliminates the need for any other fiber to improve the performance of the carpet.

The majority of carpets are made from both British and New Zealand wool. And although most manufacturers prefer synthetic materials due to their stain-resistance, durability and color quality, we cannot forget about the benefits of wool carpets.

First of all, wool carpets are very strong due to their natural fibers and offer superior performance thanks to their resistance: they are able to “bounce back” after being crushed or bent, which is why they able to maintain an excellent appearance and shape. Wool is just as durable as nylon carpet.

Wool carpets are quite easy to clean considering that their fibers contain natural oils. Those oils are resistant to soiling, which means you will pretty much only need regular vacuuming to keep your place clean. In spite of wool being resistant to most liquids, it will be better to use an absorbent cloth as soon as possible after a spill, just to make sure you are avoiding future problems.

Comfort is probably the main reason why some people prefer wool carpets. And wool carpets are definitely much more comfy and soft compared to synthetic carpets. That is due to the synthetic fibers being much tougher and thicker, therefore the softness of wool carpets has not yet been achieved by synthetic carpets. Moreover, wool carpets mitigate any noise and make your house a more quiet place. Wool carpets are also very fall-friendly due to their softness and thickness. So that is something to keep in mind if you have little children.

Many don’t know, but wool has a very slow ignition rate, which makes it fire resistant, especially compared to synthetic materials that are easily flammable. Besides that, wool carpets are able to absorb excess humidity and release it back whenever the air is too dry. So wool carpets make the overall environment in the house more pleasant.

You probably have never thought of that, but wool is also biodegradable! So if environment safety is a priority for you, you should definitely consider purchasing a wool carpet.

Last but not least: wool looks great! It appears luxurious and expensive and will be a great addition to a classically decorated house. Even if your house is not classical, wool carpets come in various options and colors, therefore making it a comfortable and cozy decoration for any room.

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