What Type of Carpet is Best for Basements?

basement carpet

Any carpet you decide to choose for your basement must be able to withstand moisture. It should be a cut pile and light enough for easy extraction of water should the basement be subject to such. Basement carpets should be capable of drying quickly and do not require carpet pads that trap water.

Before installing a carpet in your basement, make sure that is finished and is relatively dry. It should be insulated to avoid external leaks. If your basement keeps getting flooded, a carpet is not an option as it will easily get damaged no matter the amount of extraction. Frequent extraction of water from carpets mess with the twisted fibres and can spoil them.


Synthetic carpets are the most suitable for basements. Molds so not easily grow on them. Some synthetic fibres are waterproof which means that finished or not, your basement will not spoil them. Synthetic fibers are able to withstand more moisture.


This is a choice to be considered. It makes sucking out moisture very easy. Moisture does not settle deep into it that it cannot be snuffed out. It dries up very quickly. This doesn’t mean that it will continue to take persistent moisture without any effect, though.


Triexta is a synthetic fiber and is one of the perfect carpets for basements. It is made from a combination of nylon and polyester. It combines the durability of nylon with the moisture resistance of polyester. This feature makes it an excellent carpet for your basement.


These types of carpet are a “no-go” for basements. Carpets made from natural fibers like jute hold a lot of moisture. You’ll have mold and mildew developing on them before you know it.


It is usually cold down there. Carpets will keep your feet warm. Whether you use your basement as an office space or workshop, it deserves a measure of comfort. You can use carpet pads made of nylon, polyester, olefin, or acrylic. Rubber pads should be avoided, especially waffle rubber with its massive air content.

There are pads that are coated with plastic that do not allow moisture seep into them. If you can get any of these, stain and moisture will settle above pads and will be easily removed. Getting the right padding will enable ease of movement in your basement. If you can’t find a carpet pad that is moisture resistant, just avoid them in totality for your basement.

You will want to schedule carpet cleaning for your basement each year. Include it in the same appointment you schedule for your entire home for efficiency. Ace Chem-Dry carpet cleaning in Fort Collins offers a healthy alternative to steam cleaning to remove embedded dirt and bacteria from basement carpet. Learn more here.