What Time of Year is Best for Carpet Cleaning?


The best time of the year for professional carpet cleaning isn’t when the floor looks dirty beyond compare. Cleaning should be some sort of routine, by a set schedule. Choosing the right time of the year to clean your carpet though depends on your preference, how large your home is, and if any member of your family has allergies.


What suits you? Is it winter, fall, summer, or spring? You should keep in mind that there’s no universal rule to picking the best time. Consider the pros and cons and pick a time that is convenient for you. Let’s consider the high points of cleaning in each of the four seasons:


The start of winter is a great time to clean your carpets because they’ll dry faster as heat harnessed within the house dries up moisture twice as fast as usual. You have no dust or sand coming in through the windows. All there is has come in and have already been trapped in your carpet. Now, you can get them out spring comes and the cycle starts all over again.

Your home will be sparkling clean and welcoming for the holiday period. Just ensure that all visitors keep their wet shoes off the carpet.


You can also get your carpet cleaned in the fall in preparation for the holiday season. This is the major advantage to cleaning around this period. But, it is very likely to get messed up if you have too many visitors over who wear in their cold boots and put moisture on your carpets. Stains will easily seep into your carpet and might result in wicking.


The major benefit to summer is that you are out of the house enjoying the weather and engaging in activities that other seasons have not allowed. Your carpet can get cleaned in your absence and suffice till next summer.


After summer, fall, and winter, your home might be in a mess. Your spring cleaning could just be the perfect opportunity to get your carpet cleaned. With everyone gone, all dirt embedded into your carpet will get the needed attention. It will dry faster and give you cleaner air in no time.


If someone in your home suffers from allergies, it  is a sound reason to clean your carpet more often than usual. Carpets are very good at trapping dust, pet air and other sorts of irritants and allergens. This can easily trigger allergies. If you have a family member with allergies, consider getting your carpet cleaned as often as possible.


A large house with many kids and pets is most likely to be in need of more cleaning. There’ll be frequent spills resulting in stains and massive foot traffic from hopping and jumping around. A home with just a couple will not need as much cleaning.

So, review your circumstances and pick that which fits your present situation. When the time comes to schedule carpet cleaning for your home, we’re here to help! Call Ace Chem-Dry at (970) 667-8801 for healthier services and superior results.