There are endless types of carpet stains. Some are the results of spills and others from pet urine accidents. But the most common stain Ace Chem-Dry technicians see each day is “browning” or brown spots on carpet.

There are several reasons for why brown spots appear on carpet but the main reason is due to moisture and/or water. You wouldn’t think clear water would result in brown stains, but it does. We will explain how below:


You don’t want to subject your carpet to a lot of water very often. Unforunately, it happens all of the time.

Water pools on the surface of a carpet until it seeps into the fibers and eventually into the carpet pad. Then it sits in the pad and collects all of the submerged and embedded dirt under the surface until evaporation occurs and pulls the water from the pad back to the surface. When this happens the water contains all of the dirt and that leads to a wet, brown stain on the surface.

We often hear that homeowners remove this type of stain only to have it return in 24-48 hours. The reason the brown spot returns is because there is still a lot of water in the carpet pad.


The only way to prevent brown stains on carpet is to prevent large amounts of water and moisture on the floor. In order to prevent this from happening, you will need to know a few of the sources of water that lead to browning:


Leaks often occur in plumbing or from roofing and windows that can lead to water dripping into a home and settling onto one area of carpet.

You should inspect your window frames twice a year and inspect your attic and roofing at least twice a year two. If your roof is 15-20 years old, the chance for leaking or other issues increases and you will want to consider replacing it soon in order to prevent several home emergencies, including water damage.

You can hire a plumber to inspect the pipes in your home each year and provide routine maintenance to ensure they remain functioning for the year.


You can’t prevent severe weather from occurring around your home. However, if you ensure your roof and windows are in good shape and your sump pump is functioning properly it should help to reduce some of the risk of water damage from severe weather.

If water does enter your home due to extreme weather conditions, we recommend calling Ace Chem-Dry immediately for our certified water damage restoration. Depending the extent of the damage, we can help to restore your carpet and extract water from your home.


During humid times of the year, you will want to run your air conditioner, ceiling fans and occasionally open doors and windows to increase circulation and air flow throughout your home.

Basements and rooms with closed doors and very little ventilation are often the most humid and if there is carpet in these rooms there is the chance for moisture to collect on the floor.


Some articles online claim that carpet cleaning leads to dirtier carpets. These articles are referring to browning or brown spots and in some cases, it is true. It depends on which local carpet cleaner you hire and what method they use for their service.

The most popular type of residential carpet cleaning is steam cleaning and, unfortunately, it often leads to browning. Here is why …

Carpet shampooers and steam cleaners use soap or similar products during their process in order to remove dirt and germs from carpet.

The reason using soap is a problem is that the soap then needs to be removed and rinsed out of the carpet and to do that requires several gallons of water.

What happens then is that a lot of the water, and even some of the soap, is left behind in the carpet. It’s very hard to remove that much water from carpet. If a little is left behind, but the carpet still dries fast, there shouldn’t be a problem, but if a lot is left behind and the carpet cannot dry fast enough, it can lead to browning and sometimes even mold growth.

This means a homeowners hires a steam cleaner to clean their carpet, the service subjects the carpet to too much water and then 24 hours after the appointment, a brown spot appears on the floor that wasn’t there before and now people fear that carpet cleaning makes carpet dirty.

The solution is to hire a company that doesn’t use soap and doesn’t use so much water for carpet cleaning.

Ace Chem-Dry in Fort Collins, CO

Ace Chem-Dry offers professional carpet cleaning for homes and businesses in Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley and surrounding areas. Our methods feature low-moisture techniques and green-certified products and no soap whatsoever.

You won’t experience brown spots on carpet after an appointment from our certified technicians and your carpet will typically dry in just 1-2 hours after we leave.

You will find our slogan “Drier. Cleaner. Healthier.®” throughout our website. We stand by it and we know you will love it! Call (970) 667-8801 or schedule online today!