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Fort Collins, Colorado – Schedule healthier carpet cleaning from Ace Chem-Dry for your home or business. Serving Fort Collins, CO, Loveland, Greeley, Johnstown and surrounding areas.

Our innovative service features green-certified solutions, powerful extraction equipment and fast-drying carpet for results you won’t believe! Learn more below.

To experience superior carpet cleaning today, call (970) 667-8801 or schedule online! Drier. Cleaner. Healthier.®


Ace Chem-Dry is proud to represent the Chem-Dry brand throughout our service area and to provide our customers with eco-friendly alternatives to steam cleaning, shampooers and “do-it-yourself” rental machines.

We feel the Ace Chem-Dry process is cleaning innovation at its best! We do not use soap, detergents, harsh chemicals or toxins or excessive amounts of moisture to clean carpet in order to ensure our process is safe for children, allergy sufferers and pets.

It’s a service we love and you will too!


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Each appointment with Ace Chem-Dry starts with a consultation from our 5-star, certified technician.

Our technician will inspect and evaluate the condition of your carpet and provide a brief overview of our process for removing any stains, eliminating dirt and bacteria and restoring your floor to its original color and beauty.

This is a great time for questions during the service. We’re happy to answer all customer questions, easy any and all concerns and provide an estimate of how long the service will likely last.


The technician then vacuums the carpet in all of the rooms we will be cleaning during the appointment. Vacuuming helps to remove surface-level dirt. We vacuum in corners, along the wall and around any  furniture in the room.

Vacuuming is one of the best things you can do for your carpet and its one of the most important steps of our process. We recommend deep vacuuming high-traffic areas at least three or four times a week to reduce the amount of dirt and soil that filters into the fibers and pad.


Now it’s time for The Natural. The Natural is our signature cleaning solution from Chem-Dry labs. You won’t find it with any other local carpet cleaner.

The Natural uses “the power of carbonation” to permeate carpet fibers and pull dirt, soil, bacteria and allergens to the surface. The concept is similar to using club soda to remove stains from fabric and it is extremely effective.

The Natural is green-certified and found on the FDA GRAS list, meaning its 100% safe for your home or business.


Next comes our Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE) method for extracting dirt, moisture and all traces of The Natural through powerful suction equipment.

HCE is recommended by industry professionals, carpet manufacturers and The Carpet & Rug Institute. The process is safe for all types of fibers and amazing in that it requires 80% less water than steam cleaners or other popular methods for carpet cleaning.

The heated suction leaves behind almost no moisture at all. This means your carpet will dry much faster from HCE cleaning compared to other options.

In fact, if you hire Ace Chem-Dry to clean the carpet in your home, you can often expect dry carpet within hours after we leave!


The last step in our process is to rake the fibers for a fresh appearance and to help the carpet dry faster. After, you will simply love how your carpet looks!

Then we clean up our equipment and all traces of our service before answering any remaining questions and leaving you to enjoy your cleaner, healthier home!

Depending on certain factors, the typical carpet cleaning appointment is no more than 2 hours. We aim to be both efficient and effective in delivering a service our customers will love!


If you don’t love your service from Ace Chem-Dry or our carpet cleaning doesn’t meet your expectations, please call 9706678801 right away. We will do our very best to ensure your satisfaction.


We’re famous for our carpet cleaning, but that’s not all we offer. Ace Chem-Dry specializes in a wide range of cleaning services to provide a truly healthy home for our customers:


area rug cleaning

Do you decorate with area rugs? If so, don’t forget to schedule professional cleaning for them each year. Both area and Oriental rugs are beautiful décor pieces if cleaned regularly and Ace Chem-Dry can help with that! We clean your rugs right in your house. That’s right! No pick-up. No delivery. Just convenience and cleaner and brighter rugs in your home. Learn more.


upholstery cleaning

Ace Chem-Dry cleans furniture and upholstery too! We use a similar process as our carpet cleaning to eliminate dirt, germs and pet hair from the furniture in your home and renew its color and comfort. We recommend professional upholstery cleaning once every 12-18 months to extend the lifetime and quality of your furniture. Learn more.


tile cleaning

Your tile and grout floors need cleaning too! Ace Chem-Dry uses powerful solutions and equipment to penetrate porous portions of tile and grout and remove bacteria and dirt from your floor. The service renews your tile and grout floor. We also have optional sealant to help protect against future contamination. Learn more.


pet urine removal

Everyone loves their pets. No one loves the mess or “accidents” dogs and cats sometimes leave on the floor. Pet urine is one of the worst types of carpet stain and its damage can be irreversible if not treated by a professional service.

Ace Chem-Dry utilizes our pet urine removal treatment, or P.U.R.T., to eliminate over 99% of pet urine odors and destroy all traces of crystallized pet urine in carpet, rugs and furniture. Learn more.


commercial carpet cleaning

Your customers and employees deserve a clean, healthy space and that’s what Ace Chem-Dry commercial carpet cleaning provides. We use our proprietary solutions and techniques to remove germs, dirt and contaminants from offices, rental properties, stores, restaurants, government buildings and other locations throughout Fort Collins, Colorado. We offer flexible scheduling to meet the needs of your business. Learn more.

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