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Greeley, Colorado – Call Ace Chem-Dry today at (970) 667-8801 to experience healthier carpet cleaning for your home or business. Serving Greeley, Fort Collins, Loveland and Johnstown, CO.

We specialize in green cleaning solutions safe for your home and offer innovative equipment and techniques for a deep clean you won’t believe! Drier. Cleaner. Healthier.®

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It’s our privilege to offer our customers a healthy alternative to local steam cleaning companies, shampooers and “do-it-yourself” machines that rely on chemicals, toxins and soap to deliver their results.

You won’t find harsh chemicals, toxins or any soap in our products or process. Ace Chem-Dry uses only all-natural products and industry-recognized methods for amazing results and a long-lasting clean.

We’re committed to providing the best carpet cleaning in Greeley and our 5-star technicians and step-by-step process ensures that we do:


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After our arrival to your home, our technician performs a thorough inspection of your carpet in order to identify potential problem areas and assess its current condition.

At this time, Ace Chem-Dry provides a simple overview of what’s included and involved in our service and how we intend to successfully deep clean your carpet and remove unsightly spots and stains.

We welcome your questions during this initial inspection and consultation or at any time throughout our service! Our technician is able and ready to help, answer all questions and ease or address any concerns.


Then we vacuum to remove loose soil and debris on the surface. This is important in order to allow easier access to deeper, embedded dirt. The technician vacuums around the wall, into the corners and around all existing furniture in the rooms we are scheduled to clean.

Vacuuming is a very important aspect of caring for carpet. It’s included in every service from Ace Chem-Dry and we recommend you vacuum multiple times each week in order to help extend the lifetime of your carpet and maintain its color, comfort and performance.


Next, our technician applies The Natural onto the surface of the carpet. The Natural is our proprietary solution and the signature element of our green cleaning process. The solution is on the FDA GRAS list as it contains no toxins and is completely safe.

The Natural creates millions of microscopic and powerful bubbles able to reach deep into carpet fibers and then lift germs, soil and contaminants to the surface. We call this “the power of carbonation”. It is a similar concept to using club soda to remove stains on fabric and clothing but on a larger scale.


Now that all of the dirt and bacteria is on the surface, it’s time to remove it with our Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE) equipment.

HCE uses powerful, heated suction to pull soil, germs and remaining traces of The Natural from your floor.

This process is recommended by manufacturers and received The Carpet & Rug Institute Seal of Approval due to being chemical-free and low-moisture.

Moisture is bad for carpet fibers and the heated suction in HCE leaves behind almost no water. This reduces the chance of resoiling or mold growth and helps speed up the amount of time necessary for the carpet to dry.

Most of the time, you’ll be able to comfortably walk on dry carpet within hours after your appointment with Ace Chem-Dry.


After HCE is complete, we rake the fibers for a fresh, vibrant appearance and then pack up our equipment and clean up all traces of our service before we go and leave you to enjoy your clean carpet.

A typical appointment from Ace Chem-Dry lasts around 2 hours. It’s our goal to be efficient and effective in providing our customers with a service they’ll love!


Please call (970) 667-8801 if you are not satisfied with your service from Ace Chem-Dry. We promise to deliver satisfaction to our customers and will continue to help until you are happy with your experience.


Ace Chem-Dry offers several residential and commercial services in order to provide a total home solution for your cleaning needs:


area rug cleaning

Area rugs offer both function and fashion for homes. However, area rugs often receive a lot of traffic and wear and tear due to their placement in hallways, entryways and in front of furniture. Because of this, we recommend rug cleaning every 12 months to ensure your rugs look beautiful for many years.

We perform rug cleaning right at your home! The process is perfect for both area and fine Oriental rugs. Learn more.


furniture cleaning

We clean more than just floors. Our technicians are trained in furniture and upholstery cleaning too! The process is similar to our carpet cleaning service as it combines The Natural and HCE to remove germs, dirt and pet hair from sofas, recliners, cushions, car interiors and more!

We recommend our upholstery cleaning once every 12-18 months to preserve the color and quality of your furniture. Learn more.


tile grout cleaning

Don’t forget to clean your tile floors and grout! Many homes have tile floors in their kitchen and/or bathroom and their floor can get dirty fast. We use powerful products and equipment to penetrate porous areas of tile and grout and eliminate bacteria and dirt in your floor. We can return the shine to tile in no time at all. Learn more here.


cat laying on carpet

When it comes to owning pets, “accidents” are inevitable. Pet urine is a serious type of stain and requires immediate attention from a professional carpet cleaner.

Ace Chem-Dry utilizes our pet urine removal treatment, or P.U.R.T., to eliminate over 99% of pet urine odors and destroy all traces of crystallized pet urine in carpet, rugs and furniture. Learn more here.


commercial carpet cleaning

Professional carpet cleaning is necessary for a healthy place of business. Don’t rely on a janitorial service. Rely on Ace Chem-Dry. We have several years of experience cleaning local businesses, including stores, restaurants, rental properties and more!

We offer flexible scheduling in order to accommodate your business hours, customers and employees.

Call (970) 667-8801 to schedule an estimate or services today!