Where Do Carpet Odors Come From?

bad smell

Your carpet can be a source of unpleasant odors. Carpets are basically like giant sponges that absorb anything from the environment, which over time can lead to a displeasing smell in the house. This is why carpet cleaning is very important.

In order to understand what measures you can take to avoid or get rid of those odors, you must first understand their causes.

First of all, one the most common reasons for a smelly carpet is food or spills. So if you do not clean your carpet very often, food particles can build up in the carpet, rot and cause a hideous smell in the room. On the other hand, any kind of liquid spills need to be cleaned up as soon as possible, as they can cause mold and bacteria growth, which in their turn have quite unpleasant odors and are harmful for your health.

With the same logic, humidity is also your carpets enemy. As mentioned before, your carpet is like a giant sponge, and it absorbs all the humidity from the environment, which once again can lead to mold growth. Improper cleaning techniques can also be a problem here: if the carpet has been washed and not dried properly, or if it has been steam-cleaned, the remaining moisture can once again result in bacteria growth. This is why chemical cleaning is much more recommended since it eliminates the use of soap and minimizes the amount of water used.

Moving on to a similar cause: pet urine. If your furry friend is not trained properly or has health issues, chances are it has taken care of its business right in the middle of the room a few times. You might not even know about it if you were not present in the room at that moment, but you will definitely smell it afterward. Now in these cases simply washing the carpet will not be enough. Pet urine contains proteins that might be a cause of contamination or allergies, which is why you should get the carpet disinfected as soon as possible.

In order to identify the area of contamination, you can either do the old sniff test or flip the carpet around to look for ay discolorations and stains. After that, the carpet cleaning company should take care of the contaminated area either through chemical deodorization or hot water extraction. In case of the latter, make sure to have good air circulation in the room so your carpet dries out properly.

Lastly, the unpleasant odor can be caused by carpet toxins or VOCs (volatile organic compounds). These can be found in brand new hand-tufted rugs or carpets, as they are usually used by manufacturers to preserve the appearance and freshness of the carpet until shipped. If this is really the case, you can simply hire professionals for a deep cleaning to get rid of all the toxins.

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