How to Choose a Carpet Pad

carpet pad image

Carpet pads are essential for carpet installation, especially in high-traffic areas in your home. You may think they are not necessary thus, optional. Well, if your carpet is to last long, you need them and they are not optional.

Carpet pads are shock absorbers. They absorb underfoot shock and prevent your carpet from rubbing directly against the floor (which is a major cause of wear and tear). Carpet pads also make your carpet feel soft & lush and absorb noise, even cold.

It is important that your carpet pads complement your carpet. You need to get both right. Getting an excellent quality of one should not push you to purchase an inferior quality of the other. Below are different types of carpet pads. A careful study will help you make the right choice of pads for your carpet.


This is a recycle material made from chopped pieces of foams of different qualities and colors. It is eco-friendly and economical. Its durability is dependent on the material from which it as recycled. If the material is of high quality, the rebond pad comes out just as great.

Some contain Butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT) which gives your carpet yellow tints even though they are added to increase flame resistivity of your carpet. When making a purchase, ascertain that it doesn’t contain BHT to avoid discoloring your carpet.


It is light and cheap, made from liquid foam ingredients that are frothed together, doesn’t tolerate much traffic, and becomes completely flat in no time. It is a bad choice for high traffic areas of the home. You could use it in your bedroom (definitely not the kids’) as you don’t welcome guests or have your kids running around in it.


It is an upgrade version of the froth foam. It is soft underfoot and is more tolerant. Prime urethane foam pads are commonly used for commercial purposes. It is rarely used in residential homes as it is quite costly.


They can either be waffle or flat rubber pads. Waffle rubber is known for being soft underfoot as result of the high amount of air in it. It is not extremely expensive but is not as durable as other carpet pads. If it contains clay binders, it is very likely to disintegrate in no time. If you can get one of high quality that is quite denser than normal, it’ll stand a chance of lasting longer for you.

Flat rubber, on the other hand, is a remarkable carpet pad which doesn’t contain air as seen in waffle rubber. It is dense which makes it less susceptible to wear and tear. It ensures that your carpet last longer. It is quite expensive but will perfectly supplement your carpet.  It can even outlast your carpet and come in handy for the replacement.


Pads made from synthetic fibres like polyester, nylon, or acrylics feel firm and are relatively dense. They are made according to various classes of quality. So, depending on what you can afford, how light or heavy you want them, you’ll get these pads.

Natural fiber pads should be used in open places where air can easily touch them. They will not survive in a moist environment as they are prone to rot and mildew.

Keep in mind that carpet pads extend the life span of your carpets. Never settle for less quality of carpet pads. These pads should perfectly complement your carpet. Let them age together in all gloriousness.

You will get the most value and quality from your carpet if you combine a good carpet pad with routine deep cleaning. It is important to hire a carpet cleaner in Fort Collins one time each year to remove the deep dirt that wears down pads and fibers. For more information, call (970) 667-8801 for Ace Chem-Dry.