Which Carpet Color Should You Choose?

colorful carpet samples

Whether you have decided to freshen up your house or you have just bought a new one, you are probably thinking about decorating it. Considering carpets as an important piece of decoration, you might be asking yourself: how do I choose the right one? And for most people, the number one priority in choosing a carpet is its color.

Of course, the color is very important since the right color combination can make it or break it. However, there are some other important aspects to consider. For example, the fiber of the carpet, the pattern, its softness and durability, stain resistance, whether or not it’s pet-friendly etc. So when you have all these qualities in mind, you can start thinking about the color.

First of all, choosing a color for carpet heavily depends on the purpose and dimensions of the room it’s at. Lighting is also an important aspect since the same carpet does not look the same in different environments.

Starting off with dimensions, it is probably no surprise that lighter and colder colors add dimension to the room, making it seem visually larger. At the same time, darker colors will add warmth and coziness to an already large room.

Also don’t forget about the purpose of the room, as mentioned before. Keep in mind that colder pastel colors, like white, beige, shades of blue and green freshen up the room and set a calming environment, while brighter and warmer colors make the room cozy and cheerful. So you might want to have brighter and warmer colors for your living room, if your family gathers there for movie nights, since that will set up a fun and joyful atmosphere. And maybe choosing more subtle colors in your bedroom for relaxation would be a good idea, too.

However, vivid colors might also have an overwhelming effect, which is why neutral colors like beige and grey are the best-sellers of the carpeting industry. That also has to do with general trends changing every few years, so keep that in mind if you want to avoid replacing your carpet once in every couple of years.

Another point that you should be paying attention to if you are also painting your walls and buying new furniture: start off with the piece that has fewer color options. So for example, if you are decorating your living room, you should most likely pick the sofa and couches first, since they usually have only 2-3 color options. After you have your furniture, you can choose the carpet color in accordance to it, since carpets come in more colors, sometimes 6-7. And lastly, you can choose your paint since paint comes hypothetically in any color.

Last but not least, if you have a pet or are planning on having a pet. choose your carpet color carefully. If you are buying a synthetic carpet, which is fairly stain resistant, you have nothing to worry about. But if it is made out of natural fiber, which is not as stain-resistant as synthetic carpets, consider buying a darker carpet just to make sure you don’t have to replace it every now and then or spend tons of money on stain removers.

You will want to schedule carpet cleaning for light and dark colors. Just because you cannot see dirt as easily in a darker color does not mean it isn’t there and there is always even more dirt below the surface. Ace Chem-Dry offers deep carpet cleaning to remove embedded dirt and bacteria from all colors of carpet. Learn more here.