How to Clean a Vacuum Cleaner

vacuum image

It is for sure nice to have your vacuum cleaner serve you as long as possible. To get the maximum out of that machine, you should take care of it properly and perform the necessary maintenance to help it work longer. The number one priority, of course, is cleaning your vacuum cleaner well, and there are some basic steps you should follow to make the process as easy and efficient as possible. In order to prolong the life of your vacuum cleaner to the maximum, you should follow these steps once a month.

First of all, make sure the vacuum cleaner is not plugged in: you for sure do not want it to turn on all of a sudden and cause you trouble. After, check whether or not the bag aka debris collector is full and replace if it is. Keep in mind that if the bag is even halfway full, it can slow down the overall work of the machine.

Some vacuum cleaners even have containers instead of bags, which makes it super easy to pop them out and get rid of all the debris. In case your vacuum cleaner does have a container instead of a bag, it is highly desirable to wash or at least rinse it off every now and then since it holds all the germs and dust that may be in your house. If you do decide to wash the container, make sure to dry it off properly before putting it back, as a wet container can cause mold and bacteria growth.

Next off, check the brush roll of the vacuum cleaner. If you notice hair, string or anything else tangled up in the brush, make sure to remove the brush and clean it properly. You can use simple scissors to cut any hair or string stuck to it. After, try spinning the brush roll on its axle with your fingers. If it does not spin smoothly, you should also clean and lubricate its bearings. In some cases, if the brush roll is extremely worn or impossible to clean, you can consider replacing it with a new one.

After the brush roll has been cleaned and put back, you can apply some rubbing alcohol on a cotton pad and rub it underneath the vacuum cleaner. This will help disinfect your machine, as it travels through your whole house and can spread out any germs or infections accordingly. For example, if someone has thrown up on the carpet at some point in time, the germs will be captured in the fibers of the carpet despite cleaning it.

And after vacuuming that area those germs will be stuck to the vacuum cleaner and will travel all around the house causing other family members to get the stomach bug. Of course, it is essential to properly clean and disinfect the carpet first, or call a local carpet cleaning service. However, disinfecting your vacuum cleaner is also essential.

Last but not least, make sure to clean the filter of the vacuum cleaner. If it is a plastic or foam filter, you can simply rinse it off. If it is a paper or fabric filter, you can just shake it off to get rid of the dust and debris. And finally, check the hoses out and gently run a stick or a broomstick through to unclog them.

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