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I spent about 15 minutes on the phone with Shea getting a quote – I had lots of questions! She was really helpful, patient, and friendly – thank you, Shea!

Ellen B.

They showed up on time and did a great job. They are Veteran friendly and offer a small discount that was very appreciated. Would recommend highly to anyone. I needed professional carpet cleaning form per my apartment move out requirements.

Jennifer M.

Kyle is the BEST technician! He is professional, friendly, honest, and fair. He has great attention to detail and works meticulously. My carpets look brand new again! I have been using Ace Chem-Dry for years and every experience has been 5 star rated.

Chase B.

Kyle and company just rock!!! I have 7 grandkids and 5 dogs running in and out of here. The carpet is 15 years old but looks nearly new after Kyle finished! I have him come once per year in the spring and he has never failed me. He is the most professional, most dedicated, hardest worker, most conscientious. I love his processes as well. There is practically zero dry time with his process and it gets more dirt out than traditional steam clean methods. There are just not enough good things to say about Kyle and his work!!!

Shauna H.

Excellent service! Took out stains I thought were going to need to be re carpeted. Took away a horrible new urine stain from our dog. Made the place smell brand new. Very informative and friendly service. Kyle did a great job while training someone new. Highly recommend Ace Chem-Dry!

Ashley H.

We’ve used Ace Chem-Dry carpet cleaning service and products before and are 100% satisfied with the way they do service. We would recommend them in a heart beat.

Melodie S.

Excellent service! Took out stains I thought were going to need to be re-carpeted. Took away a horrible new urine stain from our dog. Made the place smell brand new. Very informative, friendly service. Kyle did a great job while training someone new. Highly recommend

Ashley H.

I have only used Ace Chem-Dry for my cleaning needs. The carpet in my home is over 14 years old and still looks great! During this time 3 kids, 4 dogs, and 2 cats have all stained the carpet in one way or another. Their pet odor and stain removal service is exceptional!

Michelle K.

Friendly folks to work with. Very professional in performing the work. Just moved into my new home to discovery pet urine odor so bad my eyes watered. Marc treated the carpets (urine odor and staining was throughout the entire home) and my carpets are now fresh smelling and clean! My home smells wonderful! I thought I was going to have to replace the carpeting throughout my home, which was less than 3 years old. So glad I don’t have to do that! And I am so glad I was referred to Ace Chem-Dry!!

Deb L.

We have used Ace Chem-Dry for years and I would NEVER use anyone else!!! They get out all the stains and are so thorough! They clean all the pet hair from the corners and are so pleasant and courteous! LOVE THEM!!

Suzanne P.

Fantastic job and very professional and courteous service. I would very highly recommend them to clean your carpets.

Herman L.

Very happy with both the customer service and the excellent work done by Kyle. He took time to explain the entire process and patiently answered all our questions. This is the second time we have used Ace Chem-Dry (and Kyle) and we will certainly be using them again.

Matt R.

Windsor, CO

We have used Ace Chem-Dry for several years and we always go back to them for our carpet cleaning. We find them friendly, knowledgeable and professional. They work quickly and efficiently. They were able to get out stains that were in the carpets when we moved into our home (and the former owners had them cleaned). Our carpets look nearly new after each cleaning and that is why we continue to go back to Ace Chem-Dry each year.

Kim H.

Great people to work with. Marc was fast, efficient and thorough and the end result was great. I’ll definitely have them back. Very happy overall.

Jim W.

I had serious doubts Ace Chem-Dry could remove the strong urine odor that had been left on the carpeting throughout my house by the tenant I had living here. The odor was so strong– in every room! — that I thought the carpet I had installed less than 3 years ago could not be salvaged. Terri and Marc were awesome! My house smells wonderful and there is absolutely NO ODOR anywhere. The worst room took a second treatment but now has no odor. You really need to call these folks first to have your carpets cleaned. They are THE BEST!!!

Deb L.

Kyle was very polite and honest. He did a great job bringing life back to our 5 year old builder grade carpet. He was very generous with his carpet expertise – we are very happy and will use Ace Chem-Dry annually from now on.

Jen C.

Fort Collins, CO

Great product and service from great folks!! Didn’t think we’d ever see the real color of or basement carpet again. It looks amazing!

Jeff W.

I called to schedule an appointment for carpet cleaning. To my luck they were able to come out the very next day! I think this is the 4th time Ace Chem-Dry has cleaned my carpet. I have a 3 year old son and two dogs so my carpet takes a lot of abuse. They always do such an amazing job getting all the stains out. I love that they use green products too!

Crystal G.

Fort Collins, CO

We loved the services and always enjoy the technicians. We’ve used the company twice now for cleaning before our new baby and again with the sale of our home. They are prompt (in calling ahead as well as keeping our appointment time), professional in manner and fair in price for the amount and quality of work you get. Our technician really new what he was doing and cared about his work. We’ll use them again in the future!

Emily K.

I have only used Ace Chem-Dry for my cleaning needs. The carpet in my home is over 14 years old and still looks great! During this time 3 kids, 4 dogs, and 2 cats have all stained the carpet in one way or another. Their pet odor and stain removal service is exceptional!

Michelle K.

Loveland, CO

Mark did a great job, super professional and got rid of our pet stains 100%. Would recommend highly and will use again!

Rachael L.

Windsor, CO

Technician was super friendly and polite. Tech came on time and got the job done quickly and done right the first time. No pet urine smell at all left. Carpets looking great. Office assistant was also very nice and informative. Definitely will do business again.

Dayne R.

Marc from the company did a fantastic job. He was very professional and knowledgeable about the services Ace Chem-Dry provides. This is the first time having my carpets cleaned where they weren’t left soaking wet for hours!


Excellent service and results! Marc and crew have taken care of our carpet cleaning needs for 20+ years. From cleaning and protecting our carpets to helping with water damage we have received prompt service and even a courtesy call to make sure we were pleased with the results. Highly recommend their services.

Jackie R.

As always the carpet is clean and fresh smelling. Kyle was terrific…a chip off the old block.

Michael G.

Teri and Kyle are the best ever…Teri offered up wonderful customer service, she is passionate about her business and it shows. She was enthusiastic and a very good listener. Kyle was AWESOME. Our carpet had not been cleaned in about 5 years, did I mention it was cream colored? and it was very dirty. Several stains from a previous cleaning and my carpet was really “flat” when you walked on it. After Kyle worked on our carpet it came out looking almost new! I even had a coupon and Kyle worked very hard. Very good value for the money. He was courteous and very professional. My carpet is soft and looks so beautiful! Thank you both very much. We appreciate and value the service.

Helen S.

Absolutely perfect job cleaning my carpets and couch/recliners!!!!! They were very professional, polite and well mannered, efficient and did a fantastic job. Highly recommended!

Gayle R.

Johnstown, CO

Terri who runs the office and Marc the technician were both awesome!! My 11 year old carpet looks brand new, just in time for my house showing. You have a customer for life. The extra attention and friendly service will set your company apart. Thank you so much!

Da M.

Mark as always was polite, helpful, professional, on time, and quick. He is always pleasant to deal with, and he and his crew do a great job! I highly recommend them.

Hal D.

Excellent cleaning, cost effective, professional, timely. I will definitely be calling these guys back.

Ruth H.

I highly recommend Ace Chem-Dry. They were very professional from the moment I called to the time that my carpets were finished.

Jennifer M.

Loveland, CO

My carpets look fresh and clean after using Ace Chem-Dry. They took the time to remove ink and old soap residue in the carpets, leaving the carpets looking great.

Allison D.

Fort Collins, CO

Excellent work! My carpets look and feel brand new. Would definitely use again!

Amanda R.

My carpet looks amazing and the service was great! I would highly recommend Ace Chem-Dry. Thank you, guys!

Marilyn L.

FANTASTIC service when you are needing a rug refreshed, sanitized, and deep cleaned! Thank you so much Ace Chem-Dry! I never thought I’d see my rug this clean again

Teresa S.

Excellent service! My carpets look amazing and the technician was professional and offered very helpful hints for the care of my carpets. I am a repeat customer who is always satisfied. 5 star service!

Kathy G.

I have used Ace Chem Dry for years. They are always prompt, professional, and thorough. I get the “clean and protect” service and it has significantly extended the life of my carpet. Even with kids and pets, my house looks great.

Kari A.

Another great experience with Ace Chem-Dry. A year later, I have clean carpet, fresh smelling, very pleased! Kyle worked quickly and efficiently. I’m very happy with the whole experience.

Linda H.

Look no further… you can’t get any better than Perfect! Teri and Claire were courteous and helpful when scheduling appointment, a precursor of good things to come. Marc Baldwin exceeded expectations, arriving promptly, working diligently and with passion for perfection. How refreshing it is to find a company who has such an eye for detail in every aspect of their family business. The icing on the cake is Marc whistles while he works! There is no better choice than Ace Chem-Dry, owned & operated by the Whistling Englishman, if you want carpets cleaned with expertise of the highest level. The staff has earned my respect and loyalty, and repeat business.

Fran R.

Fort Collins, CO

As always, Ace Chem-Dry did an excellent job on my recently purchased home. Kyle was a pleasure to work with and provided all the information necessary to help me make an informed decision on which services I should select for my carpet cleaning. I have been a customer for at least 20 years and plan to stay a customer. Try them! You won’t be disappointed.

Nancy D.

Kyle was fantastic, he filled me in on all the service options without trying to sell me things I didn’t need. The service was fast and our rugs look great. Thanks!

Julie C.

Kyle really did a great job. He was able to remove a difficult spot and the carpet looks great. Kyle is always professional, kind and a hard worker. We would strongly recommend this company.

Kay A.

Fort Collins, CO

I loved the service I received from Ace Chem-Dry! They were professional and exceeded my expectations for the cleaning job! The carpet looked brand new and they were able to get all that stains out for me. I highly recommend Ace Chem-Dry!

Megan B.

Loveland, CO

The carpet got really clean again, there was no soap-like smell and the cleaned areas were almost dry when the technician was done with his work. The carpet dried within hours and we could move the furniture back in. It all turned out great.

Tom R.

Simply the best! Fast, courteous, prompt and thorough. Carpet dried in a matter of hours and looks great!

Marie S.

I have had many carpet cleaning experiences over the years, and Ace Chem-Dry is the clear winner. My carpets look beautiful & the company is a pleasure to deal with.

Linda D.

Loveland, CO

I have used Ace Chem-Dry for years and have always been 100% satisfied with how my carpets look after being cleaned. They have gotten tough stains out several times. I definitely recommend them.

Nina H.

Greeley, CO

We were happy with the service. We would use Ace Chem-Dry again.

Mark S.

Marc was very professional and knowledgeable. Very impressed at how well the carpets turned out and the urine odor was gone! I highly recommend this company and will be using them in the future for sure!


Marc really worked hard to get our carpet looking as good as possible before our open house. The work he did probably saved us thousands of dollars because we can now ask more for our house. I won’t use anyone else.

Deliese K.

Very very accommodating and friendly! Did a great job, went above and beyond, carpets look great, even the tough oil spots. Would highly recommend!

Terri K.

Greeley, CO

Marc the technician really did a great job. I called Terri in the morning she was very helpful and friendly and Marc was at my home by 1:30p.m. I had a showing on my home that is for sale and he cleaned the carpet and gave it extra vacuum so it would be dry for my showing later in the afternoon. The carpet was very dirty with dark tracks when Marc got there and when he left the carpet looked brand new. The carpet is 11 years old and now it feels fluffy and clean. Marc took the time to rake it so it would dry faster. They have a customer for life. Great job.

Denise M.

Greeley, CO

Mark is a perfectionist and it shows in his work. He listens to what I want done and then works very hard to make sure that I am satisfied with the cleaning. I would highly recommend their services and will happily use Ace Chem-Dry in the future.

Brenda S.

Once again they did a great job cleaning my personal home carpet, I use them for my rentals as well and look forward to calling them again as needed, I feel good when I schedule a carpet clean with Ace Chem-Dry!

Christine V.

They were able to come on short notice. The tech was courteous, knowledgeable, and did a great job!

Patsy E.

Best cleaning service ever! I called them to come re-clean the carpets another company cleaned. I will only use Ace Chem-Dry in the future!

George H.

The technician was very friendly and knowledgeable. Did an awesome job. Very impressed with the natural cleaning of the carpets and upholstery. Definitely recommend this company to anyone.

Kathy W.

Kyle has been cleaning our carpets for several years. We also come back because we are pleased with the product and service. Would recommend.

Sherry H.

I would highly recommend Ace Chem-Dry in Loveland! Outstanding customer service and my carpets look fantastic!

Alissa A.

Marc from Ace Chem-Dry did a great job getting the stains out of my tired old carpets. He was very knowledgeable about my spots and worked up a sweat removing them. When the job was complete, my carpets looked almost like new and this is the first time I’ve had my carpets cleaned where they weren’t left soaking wet for hours! I highly recommend Ace Chem-Dry, they are very easy to work with, and their price was very reasonable. Thank you.

Jon E.

Great. Made the dirty carpet clean again. Very polite and efficient service. The tech really knew what and how to clean the dirty areas. He was done in 1 1/2 hours. Their method only takes about 3-4 hours to dry. Amazing company!!

Liz C.

Our home needed rescuing from our newly adopted dog. Teri got us on the schedule within days of my phone call. Kyle was super friendly, professional, prompt and thorough. He listened to everything on my wish and news list to be cleaned and helped me select services that fit our budget. They are the only carpet cleaning service we use!

Annette B.

This company tech went above and beyond great service. The carpets turned out great, and the caring and compassion of the tech was just amazing, taking a bad moving day and helping to make it bearable.

Linda R.

Have been using Ace Chem-Dry for four years, since we moved to Loveland, CO. The job that they do is excellent. I have a light colored carpet that shows high traffic areas, when Ace Chem-Dry cleans my carpets they are always able to remove my high traffic areas so my carpet “looks like new” after each cleaning. I usually leave the house when the carpets are being cleaned. The technician always pays attention to important details, like making sure the drapes are off the carpet and any furniture is protected. I highly recommend Ace Chem-Dry! I also appreciate the professional strength spot remover that I purchase from Ace Chem-Dry. What a great product to use in between professional carpet cleanings!

Pamela L.

Excellent in all regards. Carpets felt like new after treatments and they are over ten years old! Staff were friendly, knowledgeable and had good suggestions for keeping rugs in good shape! We will definitely be repeat customers!

Florence D.

Loveland, CO

Lovely company to deal with!!

Laurie B.

I am so pleased with the professional work of Kyle and Ace Chem-Dry! My carpets were in bad shape and he was able to clean, refresh, and make them like new again. I highly recommend this company because of the quality work you will receive!

Nan P.

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