How to Decorate with Area Rugs

area rug

Area rugs add oomph to a room. However, you may be stuck when it comes to how you can use area rugs to decorate or what size to buy. Here are some ways you can use area rugs to decorate your home and choose the right size for each room:

Bold Patterns

Don’t be shy to experiment. Area rugs are great for adding color to a room or bring in an unexpected feeling. Therefore, you should try bold rug colors especially if your floors, chairs, and walls are white. Try a zebra rug and see the effect. A bold rug can turn into the focal point of a room.

Various Shapes & Sizes

Area rugs are available in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Therefore, you cannot fail to get one that fits your room perfectly. Look at the furniture you have and also the room’s shape and size to help you determine the shape and size of a rug that you need. For example, a rectangular rug works great in the dining room if you have a long table. If your table is square, then you need to go for a hexagonal rug, and if it is round, then a round one will do.

Multiple Rugs

No rule says you only need to use one rug for a room. You can get two rugs that complement each other. However, this is only for large rooms. Don’t squeeze several rugs in a tiny room. Using more than one rug will help to cover up the free space and make the overall design appear unified.

Color Unity

Your furniture may be of very vibrant color. If this is the case, you don’t need any more color because it will be too much. Therefore, you can bring in a rug with a neutral color to help you tone down the vibrant furniture. When you do this, the rug also acts a reflection of your color scheme.

Floor Border

One tip you can apply with an area rug is to avoid covering the entire floor. It is advisable to let some of the floor show. When you expose the floor beneath the rug, it acts as a border. You can do a few inches from the baseboard.


Most people do not know the suitable size of rug to buy, and so they end up buying small ones most of the time. It is essential to get the right size of area rug for your room because the size you choose affects the overall effect of the room.

If your rug is too big, it will make your room appear smaller. If it is too small, then it makes your room feel uninviting.

  • The most common mistake that people make and which you should avoid is getting a small rug. Make sure that the rug you buy can go under all the main furniture pieces you have in a room. In cases the rug cannot cover all these places then it should at least cover the front legs of your essential upholstered furniture. If possible, let the legs of the other pieces also fit on the rug. That will be a perfect rug size for you.
  • For a large room, it is advisable to divide it up into different areas so you can have more than one rug. It is not mandatory that these various rugs must all have match. However, they should have similar color or pattern.
  • If your room is of average size, then you can get an area that covers the entire room except for an area of around 10”-20” between where the area rug stops and where the walls of the room begin. However, you can always make adjustments depending on how big or small your room is. For example, you can reduce it to 8” if your room is small or 24”if your room is big. The key is to make sure that the rug is in the center of the room and that there is an equal distance the rug and the four sides of the wall.
  • Another way of determining the rug size to buy is to look at where people should walk. Good rug size is one that allows people to walk on it. If you are stepping on the rug and one of your feet is on the rug, then that rug is too small for that space. This should apply especially in areas with heavy traffic.
  • If your sofa has been arranged in such a way that it is against the wall, then you should make sure the front legs of the sofa are on the rug. If you have petite furniture, you can go for an 8’X10’ or 5’ x 8’ rug size.
  • When relaxing in the sitting room, your feet should be resting on the rug. Therefore, when shopping for a rug, ask yourself if the rug you are considering will extend up to near the sofa so you can have your legs on it.
  • When you are in the dining room, you should be able to still step on the rug even after you have pulled the tables and chairs. That is the right size for an area rug. If you get a rug size that won’t cover the tables and chairs when you pull them out then you, your family and guests will always trip on the rug whenever you want to sit down. The recommended rug size in this cases is 8’x10’ or 9’x12’.
  • If you have put your bed in the middle of the bedroom, then the size you should get is the one that one that goes under the bed and allows you to walk on it from each side of the bed. An 8’x10’ or 9’x12’ work well.

As you’ve seen, there are different ways of determining the right size of area rug to buy.

The rugs you decorate your home with will get dirty over time and you will need to schedule area rug cleaning to restore their color and resiliency. Ace Chem-Dry provides professional cleaning for rugs as well as carpet cleaning in Fort Collins, Colorado. Call (970) 667-8801 today!