a woman laying on carpet cleaned by Ace Chem-Dry in Fort Collins

With so many household tasks to keep up with, it’s no wonder that professional carpet cleaning gets pushed to the back burner. Regular vacuuming, while it does help to keep your carpets clean, it can only do so much. Without professional carpet cleaning, you may be negatively impacting your health in unexpected ways.

Here’s why routine professional carpet cleanings should be a top priority on your to-do list and how often you should schedule them.


The Danger of Dirty Carpets 

The carpet in our homes endures a lot of foot traffic every day. As we go about our normal everyday routines, our carpets are trapping dirt, allergens, bacteria, and other airborne particles like a giant filter. This is actually a good thing. Carpet helps to protect our families from those unwanted contaminants. Until they become too full, that is. 

When carpet becomes too full of contaminants, they release the allergens and bacteria back into the air we breathe. This can cause serious health risks for your family especially if they suffer from asthma or have a higher susceptibility to illness. 

When we think about how much time we spend walking and laying on our carpet, knowing it’s full of contaminants can be very concerning.

Not to mention, if you have any pets these risks increase significantly. Pets leave behind dander, hair, bacteria, allergens, and odors in your carpet. And if your pet is prone to accidents, urine and the bacteria that come with it will be trapped in your carpet. The only way to fully remove urine and its accompanying stains and odors is with a Pet Urine Removal Treatment from Chem-Dry. 


How often to Professionally Clean Your Carpet 

In order to keep allergens and bacteria at a minimum, we recommend having your carpets professionally cleaned at least every 6 months. If you have pets, carpets should be cleaned at least every three months. 

You can take advantage of your carpet cleaning appointments and schedule upholstery cleaning at the same time. Upholstery, like carpet, holds on to dirt, bacteria, allergens, and other particles and requires routine professional cleanings as well.


Chem-Dry’s Industry-Leading Carpet Cleaning Method

Here at Ace Chem-Dry, we use a revolutionary cleaning method call Hot Carbonating Extraction to give your carpets a deeper clean. Our green-certified cleaning solution combined with our powerful extraction equipment removes dirt, bacteria, allergens, and more from deep within the fibers of your carpet. This process is non-toxic, safe for your children and pets, uses 80% less water than steam cleaning, and is more gentle on your carpet.

When you choose Chem-Dry for carpet cleaning in Fort Collins, your carpets will be dry in hours, not days so you can get back to your normal routine much faster.

Don’t risk the health of you and your family, call Ace Chem-Dry today for carpet cleaning in Fort Collins!