How to Protect Furniture Upholstery

couch upholstery

Whether you are buying a new house and furnishing it from scratch, or you are just very fond of a certain piece of furniture in your home, you have probably wondered at some point: how can I protect my furniture from wearing too quickly?” And it is no surprise that your furniture, especially upholstery furniture, can rapidly lose its appearance if you do not take proper care of it. There are quite a few things you can do in order to take the best possible care of your upholstery furniture and protect it from wearing quickly.

First of all, you should clean it properly. Of course, this does not account for regular detergent or chemical usage: you can simply vacuum/brush the upholstery once in a week or once in two weeks to freshen it up. Regular cleaning will also get rid of any surface soil that might be building up on your furniture.

Spot cleaning can also be helpful if there are any particular stains. Especially in case of spills, make sure to soak the fabric with a cloth as soon as possible. You should blot the area gently, without rubbing it. You should also fluff up the cushions now and then to help keep their shape and appearance.

Next off is a point to avoid: improper cleaning. Refrain from using any chemicals or liquids on the upholstery if you are not 100% sure it is appropriate for that certain type of fabric. You should always examine the furniture tag, where the cleanability code will give you a hint on what action to take.

Inappropriate cleaning supplies can be a reason for dye bleed, color change, fiber stiffening or browning etc. Keep in mind that you can always pre-test the cleaning agent on a small area of the upholstery that is not exposed. If still in doubt, you can always contact a specialist.

Choose the right room for your furniture. For high-traffic areas of the house, you should choose more durable materials for the upholstery, while for decorative pieces of furniture more delicate fabrics can be used. Along with cleanability codes, you can also find wearability codes on the furniture tag. For instance, the code “HE” stands for ‘heavy duty’ and indicates that that specific type of fabric is durable and will be perfect for a family room furniture upholstery. “MD” stands for ‘medium duty’, which means that it is a bit less resistant to wear and tear and spills. So you will probably want to wait until your outgrows the toddler stage to buy this kind of furniture. “LD” is for ‘light duty’, which means this kind of fabric will be more appropriate for decorative pieces of furniture that are not being used often. And last but not least, “DD” or ‘delicate duty’, which will probably be fine for a piece of furniture that you are not planning to use at all.

Lastly, try to keep your furniture away from sunlight since direct sunlight can cause the dye to fade, which will result in the upholstery looking old and cheap.

Professional upholstery cleaning helps to protect and extend the lifetime of furniture. Ace Chem-Dry in Fort Collins, CO offers a healthy service featuring all-natural products to remove dust and dirt from furniture upholstery. Call (970) 667-8801 today!