Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist

spring cleaning

It’s everyone’s wish to hop into spring with a clean house but as always, it’s easier said than done. If you want to make the process successful, you need to prepare a checklist that guides you on how to clean every room. Each room should have its checklist depending on its use and items inside it. You can’t clean all items without leaving out any unless you have a list of what you ought to do. Here is a simple but detailed guide by room that can help you tackle spring cleaning easily and effectively:

Living Room

Your living room should be as clean as possible. It’s where you sit and relax in the evening after the tiring hassles and tussles of the day. You, of course, can’t sit and relax in a dirty environment. Therefore, keep it clean. Here’s a checklist for your living room that will help you keep it as clean as possible:

    Dust furniture and upholstery

    Vacuum the sofas and chairs

    Wash windows

    Wipe down all electronics

    Wash curtains

    Shampoo carpet

    Wipe blinds

Bed Room

It is the place you rest and rejuvenate every day. If it’s not clean, it won’t give you the quiet and comfortable environment you need for sleep. Its checklist should capture the following details for a thorough cleaning:

    Wipe bedframe

    Vacuum under bed

    Wash drawers

    Clean curtains

    Wash duvets and sheets

    Wipe any furniture


Kitchen should be the cleanest room. Its state affects your health directly. If you keep it good, you’ll definitely feel good and enjoy a healthy cooking environment. The reverse is also true. Health specialists will tell you that it should be cleaned on a daily basis. For a sparkling clean kitchen, here is a checklist you can adopt:

    Wash dishes

    Clean burners

    Scrub microwave

    Dispose expired food

    Clean dishwasher

    Wash trash can

    Scrub fridge

    Organize drawers

    Mop the floor

    Vacuum rugs


Cleaning your bathroom shouldn’t give you a headache. However, without a clear plan, making it as clean as you want can be an uphill task. If you want a mold free house, keep this and other rooms dry by getting rid of excess water. Here’s what you should do for this important room to keep it neat:

    Wash the shower curtain

    Clean soap dishes

    Wipe down mirrors

    Spray grout with water and clean it

    Mop the floor

    Wipe down countertops

    Scrub toilet

    Remove dirt builddown in the shower head

The ultimate spring cleaning checklist should help you keep your home clean. As you already know, cleaning is not a simple job. There are a lot of things you must include. You have the furniture, upholstery, curtains, electronics, windows, closets, drawers, carpets, rugs and many others. Aside from that, all these items are spread across different rooms. Indeed, you can’t reach them all and clean if you do not have a guide in the form of a checklist. We hope you find this list helpful and enjoy a clean, healthy environment in your home!

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