Rug Cleaning

Trust your area and oriental rugs to Ace Chem-Dry

While an area rug is a great addition to any room, they do receive a fair amount of traffic and can quickly become dirty. You might not even realize it but your wool or oriental rugs can absorb a lot of dust and pollen and dander. So in thinking about cleaning rugs, think about vacuuming them regularly. It’s always good to use an upright vacuum cleaner with a beater-bar action, but make sure that rug cleaner has no teeth or combs to tear out the carpet’s decorative fringes.

Want more ideas about keeping your rug clean and in great shape? It’s a smart idea to turn your area or oriental rug around every 6 months so that you expose surfaces evenly to foot traffic and Colorado’s strong sunlight. Also be careful to immediately repair any damage to your area or oriental carpet – and use professional area rug repair experts.

Now about our rug cleaning service! We don’t just deep-clean wall to wall carpets. We take tender loving care of area and oriental rugs. You don’t have to roll and haul them to a rug cleaning store – and dry cleaners won’t accept them. Instead, why not get all your rug cleaning done in one place, including your treasured area rugs. Ace Chem-Dry can clean almost any rug in  your house – and in a short time on site – have it looking as good as new. And you just know your rug is deep down clean!

Beyond the convenience – you’ll also save money over taking your carpet to a specialist shop.

Our rug cleaning technicians are ‘aces’ at revitalizing area carpets. We know all the different methods of weaving and fabricating area rugs and apply our specialized knowledge in making yours come clean again. We take great care in applying our own low moisture rug cleaning solution to your area carpet.

Using Ace Chem-Dry you can be sure that your area rugs – and your oriental carpets – will be well taken care of. After all, your family and friends do more than admire your floor coverings –they walk on them every day. We have such functional and decorative rugs in our own homes because we think they add a warmth and colorful accent to every room. Just like you, we want to step onto an area rug with our bare feet that’s deep down clean.

Area rugs and oriental carpets are such a nice addition to a home’s décor. Let us help you make sure they are as clean as they are classy! We love cleaning rugs – as well as wall to walls!

Oriental Rug Cleaning

We will take every precaution in cleaning your oriental rug. We know it’s a prized possession and has both a financial and sentimental value. We’re exacting about the carpet’s care when we clean it.

Every step of the way, whether we pick your carpet up and later deliver it back to you – OR whether we clean your rug on site, we will be very conscientious in how we treat your carpet.

Our “on location” rug cleaning process is low moisture and will not soak through the backing of your area rug so your wood floor or other surfaces are able to stay dry. A big benefit of letting us clean your oriental rug or runner on site is that you won’t have to be without it for much more than minutes. Our Chem-Dry® method is so fast drying; it will seem almost instantaneous that your oriental carpet got deep down clean!

We always spot test to make sure colors are colorfast, so we ensure that there won’t be any bleeding or migrating of the dyes with the cleaning of your rug. This is a perfect option for lightly soiled rugs and runners that can be safely cleaned using this particular process.

We inspect and test each rug for the safest and best method prior to cleaning. We’ve had lots of experience cleaning fine rugs from all over the world – including: Egypt, China, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tibet, India, Saudi Arabia, Iraq as well as Mexico and even Native American tribes.

Call To Receive A Rug Cleaning Estimate Now!

Due to the wide range of materials used in oriental rugs and the varying weaving techniques applied in their creation, we’d like to discuss– and possibly examine– your rug beforehand. We’re conscientious from the start – looking at your area rugs and oriental carpets carefully before we clean them diligently! You’ll thank us for our care of your carpet. Call today to see how convenient an ‘on site’ rug cleaning can be, and how much money Ace Chem-Dry can save you over other cleaning alternatives.