area rug cleaning in fort collins

Area rugs add color, texture, and personality to our homes, and properly maintaining them will help them stay beautiful for years to come.

Here are a few basic principles of area rug cleaning and stain removal.


Routine Rug Cleaning

Area and oriental rugs should receive the following basic care:

Vacuum area rugs often. Vacuuming your area rugs regularly will help to keep them free of first and other unwanted particles. Just make sure you avoid vacuuming fringe on the edges and turn down your vacuum settings appropriately for shag rugs. 

Gently remove pet hair with a brush. Pet hair sticks to everything, especially area rugs. When regular vacuuming isn’t enough, try using a stiff brush to remove the pet hair about once each week.

Rotate rugs several times throughout the year. Have you ever noticed that your carpet gets matted down in a certain direction? The same thing can happen to your area rugs. Rotating your area rugs a few times a year can help to evenly distribute the wear and tear from frequent foot traffic. 

Shake rugs frequently. Often time, dirt, dust, and other particles can be removed by simply shaking out your rugs. We recommend shaking them out outside if possible. 


Rug Deep Cleaning

Before you deep clean your area rugs, you’ll want to check for tags with special cleaning instructions. Some rugs may only be dry cleaned or spot cleaned. 

If your rug is machine washable, place them in a mesh bag and wash them on a delicate setting. After, hang them to dry instead of laying them on a flat surface.


Area Rug Stain Removal 

Spills and stains on your area rugs are bound to happen. Try blotting the spill away gently. Avoid rubbing it as this can make the stain sink deeper into the fibers of your rug.

If simply blotting the stain doesn’t work, try using a cleaning solution made up of 1 teaspoon dishwashing detergent and ¼ teaspoon white vinegar in 1 quart of warm water. You can also try a store-bought stainer removing spray. Just be sure to test a small area of the rug first in case the cleaning solution discolors the fibers. 

If that doesn’t work, call the area rug cleaning professionals at Ace Chem-Dry. We can remove a wide variety of stains, leaving your rugs looking brand new!


Area Rug Cleaning In Fort Collins, Colorado

At Ace Chem-Dry, we understand that your area rugs are an important part of your home and often times quite an investment. That’s why we offer superior area rug cleaning services in Fort Collins and the surrounding area. Trust us for all of your area rug cleaning and maintenance needs!  

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