Tips for Vacuuming Carpet

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Although vacuuming your carpet is perceived as a pretty simple task, there are still some things you need to consider. Vacuuming the carpet incorrectly can lead to dust and bacteria building up in the carpet, and that can cause serious damage to your health. Not to mention your carpet will quickly lose its appearance if not vacuumed properly. So here are some tips for you on how to vacuum your carpet well.

First and foremost, do not ever let your vacuum bag/container get full. This is an important part of vacuum maintenance. Even if it is halfway full, your vacuum will start working slower and less smoothly and will lose suction. As a result, your carpet will not be cleaned properly. So make sure to follow this step in order to get a better result and also prolong your vacuum’s life.

As an addition to the previous tip, walk around the room and look for little objects that are too big for a vacuum: paper clips, coins, toy pieces etc. Those items need to be picked up by hand, otherwise, they will get stuck in the machine. This, in turn, will weaken the suction or damage the machine.

Despite it seeming like a lot of work, vacuum in all directions. So starting from the farthest corner, first vacuum left to right and then front to back. You are probably thinking “What is the point of vacuuming the same spot four times?”. However, dirt and dust get stuck in the carpet fiber, and this additional step will help loosen the fiber and clean it from all the sides.

Next off: use the proper tools and attachments for cleaning. Pretty much all vacuums come with different types of attachments for certain surfaces and areas: upholstery, carpet, curtains and so on. Make sure to vacuum different surfaces accordingly. For carpet, especially for a wall-to-wall carpet, it is recommended to use the crevice attachment to clean the edges. If you don’t do this regularly you will soon find a thick layer of dirt at the edges of the carpet, which will, in fact, be extremely difficult to get rid of. Also, make sure to use the attachments and the machine appropriate for your type of carpet.

So a vacuum cleaner with a beamer bar would not be recommended for wool carpets or any type of carpets that shed threads easily. Those pieces can get tangled in the roll brush and damage the vacuum or slow down the cleaning process. At the same time, there are vacuum cleaners that allow you to change the height of the vacuum, which will be perfect if you have carpets of different heights in your house.

A simple but often neglected tip: dust beforehand. If you have a tendency to dust after vacuuming, keep in mind that the dust that is not picked with your cloth will fall on the carpet and form a layer on it, especially if you don’t vacuum your carpet regularly. Generally, vacuuming once a week should be enough for your house to stay clean and fresh.

The right vacuuming techniques combined with professional carpet cleaning each year lead to a long-lasting carpet in your home. Call (970) 667-8801 today for Ace Chem-Dry.