Understanding Carpet Staining & Soiling

soiled carpet

Carpet staining and carpet soiling are completely different terms although commonly used interchangeably. They both mess with the colors of your carpet anyway are only similar in that respect. Carpet warranties given by manufacturers emphasize this difference as separate warranties are given for staining and soiling.


Carpet staining occurs when liquid or aqueous substances pour on the carpet.  Some substances that cause carpet staining include coffee or wine spill, or ink spots. Stains embed themselves into the fibres of your carpet but can be quickly blotted off using a white towel or a paper towel.

You can add a stain remover like vinegar or any other homemade solution you may have for cleaning. If you use a nylon carpet, it absorbs stain easily and very quickly. This is why they are subjected to stain treatments to combat this weakness.


Soiling occurs as a result of residue in your carpet that attracts dust or dirt particles over time. It is rarely noticeable at first. Substances like baby oil, cooking oil, or moisture from your feet that seem to do no harm and just disappear are examples of such residue. When you step on such spots with your shoe carrying dirt, dust, or dander, the residue takes them all in only to become obvious after considerable time


  • In cleaning your carpet, all residue of cleaning agents should be sniffed out so that dirt does not start accumulating atop them. If you do not pay heed to this, your carpets will be back to being soiled in no time and large brown spots will appear. Ensure that the carpet cleaners you get leave your carpet dry with all residents gone.
  • Try to wear socks or indoor slippers whenever you are home to prevent adding moisture from your bare feet or dirt from your outdoor shoes unto your carpet.
  • Get a carpet within mid tones that are less likely to start discoloring if ever there is a spill.


  • Avoid spills as much as you can
  • If there is a spill, blot it out with a clean, white towel as soon as possible. Do not rub it in.
  • Use a stain remover to get out more if not all stains left.
  • Ensure that all stain removers are totally cleaned up.

For soiled carpets, professional carpet cleaning is required. Carpet staining or soiling cannot be completely avoided but to a reasonable degree, you can delay them. Remember that frequent cleaning can damage your carpets.


This refers to a situation whereby stains are reappearing. This could be because the spilled substance has soaked into the carpet, affecting the carpet pads and rising again to the surface. This simply means the spill wasn’t properly blotted out.

For soiling, it means the residue wasn’t completely cleaned out. All in all, another cleaning has to take place. This time, pay closer attention to those spots and make sure every trace of unwanted substance is cleaned out.

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