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Upholstery Cleaners in Greeley, CO

Looking for upholstery cleaning in Greeley, CO? Ace Chem-Dry’s unique Hot Carbonating Extraction process is ideal for upholstered furniture including couches, loveseats, and chairs. We use the power of carbonation to reach deeper into the fibers of your upholstery to extract more dirt, grime, and allergens than other furniture cleaners near you. 

When you choose Chem-Dry upholstery cleaning in Greeley, CO, your furniture will be refreshed and revitalized for a longer-lasting cleaning. With daily use, it’s inevitable that your big comfy couch will steadily acquire more dirt, stains, and spills. That’s why routine professional furniture cleanings are so important. Don’t wait, schedule a Chem-Dry upholstery cleaning in Greeley, CO today!

What Makes Chem-Dry Upholstery Cleaning in Greeley, CO Different?

DRIER. Our carbonated cleaning method uses 80% less water than other upholstery cleaners in Greeley, CO. This results in cleaner upholstery that dries faster! You won’t have to avoid your furniture after a Chem-Dry cleaning. Plus, your upholstery will stay cleaner for longer since we don’t use any dirt-attracting soaps that leave behind sticky residues. 


CLEANER. Ace Chem-Dry in Greeley uses the power of carbonation to lift dirt and stains to the surface. With our furniture cleaning extraction equipment, pet urine, dust, germs, and dirt will be removed from your couch. Our Hot Carbonating Extraction process is a big part of what makes us one of the top upholstery cleaners in Greeley.

HEALTHIER. Our goal is to provide you with cleaner furniture that is healthier, too. Our Hot Carbonating Extraction cleaning method removes common household allergens from upholstery. Don’t just get clean furniture, get healthy furniture for a cleaner home in Greeley, CO!  

We’re the trusted furniture cleaners in Greeley, CO

Green-Certified Upholstery Cleaning

When you choose Ace Chem-Dry for upholstery cleaning, your furniture will be cleaner and your home will be healthier. Our signature furniture cleaning solutions are green-certified and non-toxic so it’s safe for your family, pets, and the environment! Schedule a green upholstery cleaning in Greeley, CO today!

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More About Chem-Dry Upholstery Cleaning in Greeley, CO:

  • Safe for all kinds of upholstery,  including some of the finest natural fibers and the hardiest synthetics.
  • Safe for children and pets.
  • We save you money because Chem-Dry leaves no dirt-attracting residues which can prematurely re-soil your furniture.
  • Chem-Dry’s fabric protector shields your upholstery by creating a water and oil repellent barrier on the surface of your furniture’s material.

For superior upholstery cleaning in Greeley, give us a call: (970) 667-8801

*Based on studies conducted by independent laboratories of Chem-Dry’s HCE (Hot Carbonating Extraction), P.U.R.T. (Pet Urine Removal Treatment), Granite Countertop Renewal, and Tile, Stone & Grout cleaning processes. Allergens tested were dog and cat dander and dust mite allergen. Pet odor results based on testing with the most common odor sources found in dog and cat urine. Pet urine bacteria results based on Chem-Dry’s HCE cleaning process and a sanitizer, combined with P.U.R.T. All bacteria results include the use of sanitizer. Figures are an average across multiple tests.
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